Sixth Generation

25. John6 Cheseldine 6 (Kenelm5, Kenelm4, Kenelm3, Kenelm2, Kenelm1) was born 1807. John died February 9, 1890 at 82 years of age.

He married Julia Ann Cullison March 26, 1839. Julia became the mother of Ann Lucinda Cheseldine in Bushwood, MD, 1842.

At 35 years of age John became the father of Ann Lucinda Cheseldine in Bushwood, MD, 1842.

John Cheseldine6 and Julia Ann Cullison had the following children:

child 27 i. Mary E.7 Cheseldine.

child 28 ii. Mary J. Cheseldine.

child 29 iii. John W. Cheseldine.

child 30 iv. William A. Cheseldine.

child 31 v. Ann Lucinda Cheseldine was born in Bushwood, MD 1842. Ann died April, 1861 in Bushwood, MD, at 18 years of age. Died in child birth of Mary Delvania Russell She married Joseph E. Russell in Bushwood, MD, February 12, 1860.

Joseph was born in Bushwood, MD 1840. Joseph was the son of Joseph A. Russell and Elizabeth Eliza Rock. Joseph died 1862/65 at 23 years of age. At 20 years of age Joseph became the father of Mary Delvenia Russell in Milestown, MD, April, 1861. (See Joseph E. Russell for the continuation of this line.)

At 18 years of age Ann became the mother of Mary Delvenia Russell in Milestown, MD, April, 1861. Ann's grandfather was Kenelm Cheseldine, the 5th. Kenelm Chesledine, the 1st, was born in England in 1640, He was educated as a lawyer and came to Maryland in 1669 after his father died and the family estate went to his older brother. Kenelm lived in St Mary's City and owned land identified in early city plots. He practiced law and became a prominant businessman and politician. Eventually, he was part of the "revolution" taking control of Maryland away from the Calvert family. Kenelm married Mary Gerard in 1677 from the Gerards with history back to England in the 1200's.

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