4. John Edward (Ferrell)2 Farrell (William (Ferril)1) was born in Bushwood, MD 1770. John died January 17, 1855 in Bushwood, MD, at 84 years of age.

John became the father of John (Ferrell) Farrell in Bushwood, MD. At 29 years of age John became the father of Elizabeth (Ferrall) Farrell in Bushwood, MD, 1799. At 30 years of age John became the father of Margaret (Ferrall) Farrell in Bushwood, MD, 1800. At 40 years of age John became the father of Noble Edward (Ferrell) Farrell in Bushwood, MD, 1810. At 44 years of age John became the father of James (Ferrell) Farrell in Bushwood, MD, 1814. He made a will in Bushwood, MD, September 11, 1860. Linda Reno reports that the will was probated more than five years after John Edward's death, and subpoenas were issued at the time of probate but they have not been researched, yet. John Edward Ferrell is believed to be the father of Noble, James and Margaret Ferrell. Supporting evidence is his last will and testament in which Margaret Farrell and Elizabeth Branagan (granddaughter) are named the Executors of his estate, Bushwood Lodge. His Will names Noble and James as assenting parties, suggesting they are his sons.

Bushwood Lodge is also known as Bushwood Manor, an early colonial plantation that was part of the St Clements Plantation. Edwin Beitzell, in Life on the Potomac, records that Bushwood Manor was the homestead of Philip Key, great-grandfather of Francis Scott Key. Bushwood Manor was the dowery of Susannah, daughter of Thomas Gerard, who married (1) Robert Slye and (2) John Coode. The 25 acres of Bushwood Lodge that John Edward lived on was likely a family homestead or from his wifes family. This is unknown.

John Edward Ferrell is believed to be the Edward Ferol of the 1800, 1810, and 1820 censuses. In the 1850 census, John Edward is recorded to be 97 years old which would make his dob 1753. Edward Ferol's ages in the 1800 - 1820 census put his dob around 1770. His will was probated in 1860 so the 1770 dob is more believable than the 1753 date.

A book about Jesuit Missions records that Edward Ferrell and Mrs Edward Ferrell baptized a daughter, Elizabeth, on October 20, 1799. This may be Margaret's sister. A review of census records shows that one young female of Edward Ferrell's household died before the 1810 census.

A book called the Chronicles of St Mary's records Edward Ferril and William Ferril, Jr. joining the St Mary's County Militia in 1794. The Chronicles also record Thomas Ferril, William Ferril, Sr. and William Ferril, Jr. subscribing to the oath of allegiance in 1778.

The 1800 census records Edward Ferol and William Ferol as neighbors. It is conjectured William Ferol is William Ferril, Jr. and that Thomas Ferril is Edward Ferol's and William Ferol's brother. William, Sr. is conjectured to the their father. This is possible an over active imagination so further research is being done to try to verify these ponderings.

The book, History of St Mary's County, by Regina Combs Hammett, lists St Mary Countians that were in the War of 1812. Edward Ferrell (3rd CPL) and John Ferrell (Pvt) were in the 45th Regiment, with Capt Thomas G. Neale. Edward is believed to be John Edward, the father of Noble. John is believed to be Noble's older brother. The 1820 census shows there were 2 males between 10 and 16, and Noble was around 10 at that time. James was probably the younger, less than ten, male.

John Edward (Ferrell) Farrell had the following children:

child 6 i. John (Ferrell)3 Farrell was born in Bushwood, MD. John is thought to be the older brother of Noble and James. This is conjecture based on the 1800 - 1820 census which list 2 males in the age range with Noble, and Noble is the younger. John is listed as a Pvt in the 45th Regiment of the War of 1812 serving under Capt Thomas G Neale with an Edward Ferrell as 3rd Cpl.

child 7 ii. Elizabeth (Ferrall) Farrell was born in Bushwood, MD 1799. She married Henry Branagan in Bushwood, MD, December 23, 1822. Elizabeth is mentioned in the Jesuit Missions book as the child of Edward Ferrell and Mrs. Edward Ferrell, baptized on October 20, 1799. If her dob is 1799, she is the first child of Edward Ferrell. Margaret would be the second child, born in 1800. Elizabeth might have died before reaching ten because she is missing in the 1810 census.

child + 8 iii. Margaret (Ferrall) Farrell was born 1800.

child + 9 iv. Noble Edward (Ferrell) Farrell was born 1810.

child + 10 v. James (Ferrell) Farrell was born 1814.

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