First Generation

1. William (Ferril)1 Farrell Sr. was born in Bushwood, MD.

William became the father of Thomas (Ferril) Farrell in Bushwood, MD. William became the father of William (Ferril) FarrellJr. in Bushwood, MD. William became the father of John Edward (Ferrell) Farrell in Bushwood, MD, 1770. In the Chronicles of St Mary's County, Maryland, William, Sr. is associated with William Ferril, Jr. and Thomas Ferril as signers of the oath of allegiance in 1778. Without adequate research, William, Sr. is assumed to be the father. this needs to be studied. In that era, Edward Ferol was less than 10 years old. My conjecture is that William, Sr. is also the father of Edward Ferol. In the 1800 census, William Ferol (assumed to be William, Jr.) is neighbors with Edward Ferol. Thomas might have moved from the area or died in the revolutionary war. Edward Ferol is believed to be John Edward Ferrell in the 1850 census.

William may be the immigrant we have been looking for...

William (Ferril) FarrellSr. had the following children:

child 2 i. Thomas (Ferril)2 Farrell was born in Bushwood, MD.

child + 3 ii. William (Ferril) FarrellJr..

child + 4 iii. John Edward (Ferrell) Farrell was born 1770.

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