Family Journal

John Farrell
Reisterstown, MD 21136
Ultimate Family Tree, ver 2.8
December 27, 2003

Family Photo Album

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Adams, Bachman, Bailey, Beall, Becherer, Becker, Biggs, Blake, Bowen, Brooke, Cabeen, Cheseldine, Colby, Cottrell, Davis, Driesbach, Dunn, Duthie, Eason, Farrell, Good, Hall, Hanson, Hartung, Haynie, Heflin, Hiestand, Hinton, Hooper, Hower, Hutchison, Jackson, James, Jones, Joy, Lansdale, Lewis, Marlott, Morgan, Mueller, Nichols, Oklesson, Oliff, Owens, Phillips, Pilkerton, Quade, Regeimbal, Roby, Russell, Scarborough, Shaffer, Shute, Sines, Smith, Spangler, Srail, Stein, Stokley, Taylor, Ware, Ware (Warshefski), Weishan, Zack


This Family Journal is the history of families linked by the marriage of John Roy Farrell and Donna Lee Spangler on Valentines Day, February 14, 1970. The story started as the history of their children, parents, and siblings but it has become much, much more. The story has no known beginning and will ever end, so revisions, additions, and corrections are needed and welcomed. The Family Journal will never record the real life stories of every member but with feedback from those who have stories it can become a record of past and current generations for future generations. The Family Journal needs information: dates (births, marriages, deaths, and other significant life events), graduations, degrees, illnesses, military experiences, careers, and other life stories which should be recorded for all generations.

The list of surnames found in this Family Journal has grown too long to list everyone here, besides that's why I bought the Ultimate Family Tree software to organize and list every descendent we can find. In this update, there are 733 individuals included in the history.

The information herein is the result of a lot of hard work by other family members. Nearly all the Farrell information has been provided by second cousin, John Gary Lewis (George and Mary Farrell are our great grandparents). Third cousin, Linda Reno (Noble and Maria Farrell are our great great grandparents), has provided additional information. Audrey Hutchison has provided the Oliff family information. Laurie Nichols has provided the Nichols family information. With this update, Bachman and James information were provided by Beth Hower Risch, Biggs information by Emily Biggs, Spangler information by Dale Spangler, and Stokley information from Peggy and Robert Stokley. Along the way, we have found two cousins we have yet to meet: Terry Ann Jackson Gerlach and Janet Sisson, who have added their information to the story. Special thanks to everyone for their input and continued research.

For those readers who are new to genealogy, a few words about how such information is compiled will be illuminating. Information comes from personal knowledge, family members and records, and from many public sources. The public sources include census records, history books, state and federal archives, libraries, the genealogy work of other people, and many other sources. A beginner learns fast that there are differences between different sources. The differences are difficult to reconcile particularly before the 1850's when many people were not well educated and couldn't read or write. The lack of education also affects the spelling of names and the reality of ones age. During census, persons unable to spell, had their names spelled phoneticly by the census taker. Therefore, there are different spellings in different census and even within the same census. Example, Farrell has changed from Ferril to Ferol to Ferrell to Farrell. Who decided and why Farrell was chosen as the correct spelling is unknown. Without the ability to read or write, people forgot when they were born, so they picked dates that suited their imagination. There were and are public records for a lot of this information in court houses, state archives, and churches but fires destroyed many of these records on repeated occasions. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of public information that can provide insight into family history as long as the researcher keeps an open mind about its accuracy. An open mind and an active imagination are valuable characteristics for a genealogist: however, it is important to validate sources and cross check information to get the most facts and represent the right story. Most of the Farrell history comes from the children of George N and Mary D Farrell, and their succeeding generations. Other branches of the tree could have slightly different versions. That is not a surprise, and makes genealogy exciting.

There is still a lot of work to be done with the Oliff and Spangler families to expand those branches of the family tree. Additional information will be incorporated as it is received.

I hope you enjoy reading the Family Journal as much as I enjoy its preparation. Read this Journal as a work in progress. Check back on it periodically for additions and corrections.