I offer my services as a consultant to improve your business results. Business management is about making decisions that continuously improve technology, business processes, and motivate people, all focused on achieving customer satisfaction, which rewards the employees and shareholders from the profitability of the enterprise. The best consultants are individuals with knowledge and skills that can translate their experience into judgments that improve your business results. I have the experience and demonstrated knowledge to help nearly any business.

I have been an independent consultant since 2000 primarily providing project management services for a group of independent consultants assisting businesses with new product development and continuous improvement activities, including lean manufacturing. The companies worked with include small to very large businesses. Confidentiality agreements prohibit naming them specifically but they include major energy and automotive companies, as well as special technology companies.

My knowledge and skills were gained working for General Electric Company, generally recognized as the world's leading corporation, Constellation Power, Inc., an entrepreneurial affiliate of Constellation Energy Group (formerly Baltimore Gas & Electric Company), a world class gas and electric utility, and independent consulting to leading corporations. The experiences gained in GE, as the power industry leader supplying equipment and services, the entrepreneurial Constellation Power, as the owner and operator of non-regulated power projects throughout the U.S., and as an independent consultant to companies of all size and in diverse business segments, offer perspectives on all aspects of business management.

These experiences can benefit:

For information about my work experience, please review my biography and resume. Additional information is also available at LinkedIn.

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Thank you for your interest.

John Farrell
March 4, 2010